Rosario B Casas

| OBO 100 innovator 2020 | Mujer Legendaria Ford 2020 | Hispanic Star | Women-In-Tech Advocate |

#AugmentedHumans #SpatialComputing #DigitalTransformation #Analytics

Award-winning women-in-tech advocate. Colombian born serial entrepreneur obsessed with finding more women and Hispanics using technology to solve key global challenges. Spatial Computing expert and developer.

Co-founder of XR Americas, a NYC headquartered software company, using spatial computing for workforce skills development. Member of the second cohort at the WXR Fund, Y-combinator startup school 2018, 4.0 Schools essentials fellow’s grantee and fellow member at StartEd. Hispanic Star Alliance member.

Co-Founder of Business Creative Partners, BCPartnersTech, leading digital adoption and transformation for Hispanic-owned businesses. Co-creator of the 4-Dimensional Quotient Discovery Guide. Co-Founding Member at Dreamers & Doers a private collective of entrepreneurial womxn turning mutual support into a competitive edge.

Former CEO of Grupo Senseta, Inc., a Silicon Valley state-of-the-art Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies.

Advisory Board Member at The World Innovation Network, TWIN Tech, Rutgers University Big Data, SXSW Pitch 2020, XR In Learning, and entrepreneurial mentor at Tandon School of Engineering at NYU, WE NYC Mentor, and Founder Institute. Fellow at the Americas Institute for Cybersecurity Leadership.

In 2018 was selected by the IADB as one of the Latin-American leaders in Education. In 2017 was named one of the 100 Top World disruptors in New York City by the World Summit in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In October 2019 was named Mujer Legendaria by Ford Motor Company and starting 2020 was selected as one of the OBO 100 Innovators.

Speaker at TEDx, NAB Show, Augmented World Expo, Steamnista, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The World Innovation Network TWIN Global, Campus Party, Ventures Summit, among others.

Java and Python Developer. Happily married.

#Brooklyn2Bogota Mentor

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Mujer Legendaria Ford

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4.0 Schools Essential Fellowship

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